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TechWay Systems offers an in-depth understanding of Tableau Desktop 2018 Associate Certification training for Tableau developers and complete Tableau Server training for Tableau administrators. Training includes 30 hours of hands-on exposure to ensure that you are left will a feeling of being an expert at the Tableau tool usage. We have considered the industry requirement & devised the course to ensure that you have the practical exposure required to swim through the interviews with ease. The case studies explained towards the end will only reinforce the practice learning to make you complete to face the real world projects & problems which are solved using Tableau. The datasets chosen ensures that you learn every option completely. With a lot of industry connects you get to know the job opportunities which none would otherwise. Mock interview questions & the final project which help you establish as an adroit in the space of data visualization. Learning the leading data visualization principles will ensure that you always work with a combo of “Data Visualisation Dos & Dont’s + Tableau Tool”.

Tableau is in the leaders quadrant of data visualization according to Gartner’s magic quadrant. Key differentiators of Tableau over other business intelligence tools are:

  • Tableau connects to a lot of other native databases & servers
  • Tableau has a lot of analytics capability
  • Tableau connects with most of the leading Big Data tools
  • Tableau is designed for end users so that customers directly make changes as required
  • Tableau has varied licensing cost for different uses of different customers
    • Tableau Server for managing security & managing the reports sharing
    • Tableau Desktop for developers to develop reports, dashboard & story maps
    • Tableau Online for customers who want to view visualizations from anywhere
    • Tableau Mobile for the users using pad (iPad, notepad, etc.)
    • Tableau Public for basic users in trying to connect to excel workbook
    • Tableau Reader for users who want to read the Tableau developed visualizations

Tableau 2018 Desktop focused

Introduction to Tableau:

  • What is Tableau?
  • Features of Tableau 10
  • Top chart types in tableau
  • Introduction to the various file types
  • How to access help
  • Quick introduction to the user interface in Tableau
  • How to create data visualization using Tableau feature “Show Me”
  • Reorder & remove visualization fields
  • How to sort & filter data
  • How to create a calculated field
  • How to perform operations using cross-tab
  • Working with workbook data & worksheets
  • How to create a packaged workbook

Various Charts, Maps & Dashboards:

  • Creating various charts such as
    • Heat map
    • Box and Whisker plot
    • Pareto chart, etc.
  • Time series charts
    • Time series hands-on
  • Bullet graphs
    • What are bullet graphs?
    • Bullet graphs hands-on
  • Scatter plot
    • What is scatter diagram?
    • Introduction to correlation analysis
    • Introduction to regression analysis
    • Scatter diagram hands-on
    • Pre-defined analytics
  • What are histograms?
    • Bin sizes in Tableau
    • Histogram hands-on
  • What is box plot?
    • Why to use box plot?
    • Box plot hands-on
  • Pareto Charts
    • What are Pareto Charts?
    • Pareto charts hands-on
  • Creating maps & setting map options
  • Maps in Tableau
    • Types of maps in Tableau
    • Maps hands-on
    • Polygon Maps
  • Dashboards Hands-On in Tableau
  • Creating dashboards & working with dashboard
  • Story hands-on in Tableau
  • Animated visualization hands-on

Data Visualization Principles:

  • What is data visualization?
    • Why visualization came into the picture?
    • Importance of visualizing data
    • Poor visualizations versus perfect visualizations
    • Principles of visualizations
    • Tufte’s graphical integrity rule
    • Tufte’s principles for analytical design
    • Visual rhetoric
    • Goal of data visualization
  • Data Interpretation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Split Tables
  • Responsive Tool Tips
  • Radial & Lasso Selection
  • Right Click Filtering
  • Creating calculated fields
    • Logical functions
    • Case-if functions
    • ZN function
    • Else-if function
    • Ad-Hoc Calculations
    • Manipulating text-left and right functions

Connecting to various data sources:

  • Connecting with WMS server
  • Adding Background Image
  • Creating Workbook Data Extract
  • Tools for sharing information
  • Publishing our Workbooks in Tableau Server
  • Connecting Tableau with Tableau Server
  • Connecting Tableau with R
  • What is R?
    • How to integrate Tableau with Hadoop (Hive)?
    • How to integrate Tableau with R?
  • Case Studies:

Who Should do Tableau Certification Training

Professionals who should pursue Tableau Certification Training includes:

  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Data Reporting professionals
  • Content Management Professionals
  • Senior management who provide reports to leadership teams
  • Leadership team who presents reports to customers
  • Media folks who create visualisations for leading magazines
  • Freshers who want to kick start their careers in IT/Software industry
  • Database administrators who always manage data
  • Data scientists who work on data to build prediction models


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Tableau Desktop 2018 Qualified


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